Craft – New York, NY

Born in NYC, he bought his Technics 1200’s & Vestax mixer at age 14 with his own savings in 1994. Taught himself the skill of beat matching and studied the art of blending tracks smoothly to perfection with persistence. Began producing music in 1999 and to this day, music production is done under the name “Craft” or “Craft Music Productions. He DJs 5 to 10 times per month on average in the NYC underground scene for his established “Twice as Proper” techno events and other local showcase events. He evolved from the Vinyl-only days to CDJs of all types, and now performs live with his all-in-one DJ workstation M-Audio Torq Xponent.

In 2010, Craft traveled to Europe for his Italy DJ tour in various cities, then experienced an incredible Costa Rica DJ Tour with DJ Onda Skillet covered by much media attention (major radio, TV and internet), and ended the year by playing at 8 events in Mexico. In 2011, Craft performed on the main stage at “The Works” during DEMF Movement 2011 (Detroit Techno festival), at Washington DC’s Funxion and Sweet Spot clubs, Boston’s famous Rise after-hours club, and has been approached by many labels at once for many track releases scheduled this year. Craft co-created the NYC movement “Twice as Sweet” with Shadi which then became “Twice as Proper Sessions” with an impressive over 200 events and counting in the past 4 years hosting an illustrious list of guest DJ bookings.

Craft – The Bitch I Love EP – [Ill Bomb Records] by Craft Music Productions

Craft live @ Sullivan Room (NYC) – Liturgy Party Oct 13th 2011 by Craftnyc