Justin Schumacher – Brooklyn, NY

One of the most promising up-and-comers in the burgeoning NYC club scene today, Justin Schumacher’s history mirrors that of electronic music itself. Just as the Detroit progenitors of techno crafted their sound on the back of early hip-hop, Justin honed his studio chops writing downtempo beats under the moniker Logik Proof, dropping underground hits with prolific MCs like Reason Kills and I Am Many. Like many of the scene’s best producers, he was not content to simply dabble with one style and soon after took his studio output to the highly-competitive techno
and house genres with a vengeance. Having already established a reputation as a fierce techno soldier on the decks at various club nights in NYC including the prestigious Sullivan Room, Schumacher struck up a close friendship with Agent Orange of Gotham Grooves, resulting in his very first funk-tinged tech-house productions. Understanding the close relationship that all expert producers acknowledge between techno and house, he began a relationship with NYC house don Kenny Summit to launch the Good For You Records imprint, expanding his knowledge and horizons with the “Goddam Kids” collaboration with Summit. Goddam Kids was an opportunity to express a classic driving house sound to round out the tough edges of his current tech-focused staple of work for labels such as Mile End Records, Sonido Locales, B-Perfect, and Assimilation Recordings. Tracks by Goddam Kids have been receiving support from some of the most prestigious names in the house industry, including Brett Johnson, Frankie Knuckles, Todd Terry, and Scott Wozniak.

Meanwhile, Schumacher took to preaching the techno gospel on the decks up and down the East Coast, with a few stops in the mecca of techno Detroit to boot. One of the more frenetic gigs in North Carolina resulted in a connection with fellow NYC techno mavens Justin Kase and Owen Sands approaching the fast-rising techno talent for a release on their new imprint Ill Bomb Records. The result was the ominous, driving Gate EP, which included a remix by Droid veteran David Flores (aka Truncate) under his Audio Injection alias. This warehouse-style rework which employed much of Justin’s original sound design was hammered in every set during the 2012 summer festival season by German techno legend Chris Liebing, causing the record to go nuclear and smash the Beatport Techno Top 100. To date, it is still the top-selling Audio Injection track on that site.

Not content to rest on the massive success of this release, Schumacher followed with a flurry of remixes and productions on labels such as Frakture Audio, Kynatix, Teggno, and 069 Techno. The eerie warehouse stomper “Dumbwaiter” on the Teggno imprint became a staple in Audio Injection sets, appearing in several podcasts and was even dropped at the peak of his Tresor NYE set to floor-frenzied effect. This success in the studio was supplanted by high profile gigs opening for Alex Bau, Audio Injection, Black Asteroid, Pan-Pot, Joey Beltram, Abe Duque, Beroshima and one of Schumacher’s personal heroes A.Paul. The Portuguese techno master later commissioned Justin for a remix of his track “Surrender” on his own well-established Naked Lunch Records label, which resulted in what is arguably the young producer’s finest work to date.

Justin Schumacher’s production work remains thought-provoking and intelligent, employing complex fills and mind-boggling programming with exceptional sonic construction while still remaining floor-focused and energetic. Channeling the complexity and vibrancy of the Big Apple itself into his music and DJ sets, he remains by far one of the most exciting names to those with impeccable taste in quality techno and house music. To summarize, we’ll use the words of another NYC legend; “If you don’t know, now you know.”

BEATPORT: http://www.beatport.com/artist/justin-schumacher/26640
SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/justinschumacher