Berlin, Germany

Mono.xIDMønø.xID’s enthusiasm for electronical music started in the mid 90’s with weekly visits in the legendary Tresor, where his love for the deep Detroit Sound, the percussive-driven Techno from the downwards sphere manifested. Inspired by artists like Scan 7, Regis, Surgeon, Juan Atkins and The Advent, he started to DJ himself.

In 2008 Mønø.xID started producing his own tracks, in which he is not subject to any dogma or trends. That is also the answer to his DJ-Sets and his productions. With the mood of the crowd his sets are growing and unfolding atmospheric, deep loop-tools to groovy funk monsters to become peak time bombs which convulse every dance floor.

Who’s into Techno in it’s purest form through all facets is in the perfect spot where ever Mønø.xID shows up to play!