Owen Sands – Raleigh, NC

Owen Sands is no stranger to electronic music creation. He was mesmerized early in life watching his grandfather build midi keyboards in his basement and rocking out with his Wurlitzer Sideman.

Growing up in New York Owen was heavily influenced by Hip Hop and Techno from the thriving New York City scene. In the late 1990s he began performing live PA sets with his brother and partner in crime Justin Kase. He played many New York venues and raves with his innovative live sets and eventually moved on to DJing and keeping the live PA rig in the studio for productions.

Through countless sessions of self-taught production, Owen landed a string of 12” vinyl releases on labels like Aquarius, Stickman, Silver Pearl, and Climax Records from 2001-2003. During this time Owen Sand’s production work received support from world class jocks such as John Digweed, Tony Thomas, Jay Tripwire and numerous others. His music has been charted on the notorious Balance Record pool several times and licensed for various Television and CD compilation projects such as Showtime’s hit series “Queer as Folk”.

After an eight year hiatus from music production Owen is back at it again releasing tracks on his brother’s label Ill Bomb and various other Techno imprints like Wall Music, Yellow Recordings, Dystopian Rhythm, Format Recordings, Off Switch, Different Is Different, Amazone, De-Konstrukt, Tulipa and others.