awakenings-2014-klokgebouw-eindhovenBack in May of 2012 Justin Schumacher released his highly praised “Gate” release on Ill Bomb Records with remixes from Audio Injection, Owen Sands, Justin Kase and Deciblel Flekx. The Audio Injection remix reached stratospheric levels as it was caned that entire festival season from the likes of Chris Leibing, Speedy J, Rebekah, Drumcell and numerous other industry heavyweights.

benAfter it’s re-release in 2014 as a part of the 3 Years of Ill Bomb Records compilation it seems to have picked up steam again. Charted by Flug, Krenzlin, Sin Sin, Distale and others the track has seen a resurgence like no other in the IBR catalog.

One of the biggest hightlights came recently when the mighty Ben Klock dropped it at Awakenings in Klokgebouw, Eindhoven Feb. 8th 2014. You can watch a video of Ben’s set live at Awakenings here.