Don’t Pull The Plug (Justin Kase) Original:

Justin Kase’s monster chugging peak time tech-house track will wreak havoc on any dance floor. With its bouncing fulfilling bass, and spooky chiming chords, it creates a subterranean feel that does not miss a beat. The original on the “Don’t Pull The Plug EP” packs a refreshing punch that is highly sought after for DJs looking to transform the environment to a higher level of energy. Simplistic yet complex arrangements leave us ready for more as this track continues to sooth the mind while driving the feet. The retro style breakdowns blend massive with minimal. The funky claps and brilliant sweeps that compliment each note with a clever vocal additive set the track into fluid motion.

Don’t Pull The Plug (Derek Marin Remix):

Derek Marin’s remix takes us on a more moody, darker, and twisted tech approach to “Don’t Pull The Plug” as the chugging groove goes deeper by using his signature style that defines him as one of the premier NYC underground producers. Savage synths enter the break down which takes us into his vision of what this track means by utilizing dark stabs and subtle white noise. This late night minimal tech track will set the tone for any underground venue.

Don’t Pull The Plug (Darren Marshall Remix):

Darren Marshall’s remix of “Don’t Pull The Plug” picks up where the original left off with his crisp sense of timing, bass bending, and his tribal use of technical percussion. Added high hats spice things up and enable this version to go to the groovier side of tech that would be an excellent warm up or opening track. The cohesive, whimsical, and vibrant nature of Darren’s remix sets an upbeat flavor with the use of switch ups, stutters, and a powerful breakdown that keep the vibe moving.

Out exclusively at on February 25th 2011.

“Don’t Pull the Plug” was inspired by a real life experience which I’m sure we’ve all been through, losing power.

Justin Kase brings the original Minimal Tech flavored joint while Toronto native, Darren Marshall and prolific NYC producer Derek Marin deliver the remixes.