The second installment to our incredible Fall line-up takes us back to the Steel City…

Mike Hanlon
stem & leaf | edgeplay | pittsburgh

As a DJ, producer and co-founder of record label Stem & Leaf Music, Mike Hanlon has devoted his work to the deeper side of electronic music. Through his solo releases or as half of the production duo Edgeplay, Hanlon has quickly gained the attention of the Midwest and beyond. Come hear the Stem & Leaf sound as it nestles itself perfectly into Mosaic’s open-air patio.

opening set from GC resident

Brandon Andrews
get cereus | more or less | cleveland

In the main room we’ll be featuring a local techno juggernaut and co-founder of Ill Bomb Records…

Owen Sands
ill bomb | gotham grooves | raleigh

There seems to be no stopping Owen from cranking out an endless barrage of quality techno and the world is taking note. Owen’s latest release on Gotham Grooves reached #33 in Beatport’s Top 100 Techno releases and we’re very proud to have this local producer at the helm inside.

opening set from Diffuse Audio family member

diffuse audio | chapel hill

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