On June 15th we welcome Callum Plant to the Ill Bomb family with his debut release “Synonym”. Remixes come from Ill Bomb resident Owen Sands and Portuguese producer Re:Axis.

In anticipation of our 37th release please enjoy this 2 hour mix from our newest Ill Bomb artist Callum Plant.

Track list:
01. Beesmunt Soundsystem- Body Shape (Original Mix) [Pets Recordings]
02. Blackhall & Bookless- Differences (Mike Dehnert Remix 1) [Jaunt Records]
03. SP-X- Return to Function (Original Mix) [Time To Express]
04. TWR72 – Koek (Original Mix) [Turbo Recordings]
05. Alex Costa- Such A Good Day (Original Mix) [Inmotion Music]
06. Somewhen- Dain (Original Mix) [Index Marcel Fengler]
07. Exium- Argoon (Original Mix) [Mord]
08. Callum Plant & Carlo Ribeiro- Demand (Original Mix) [DEAD CERT.Records]
09. Tensal- C-D1 (Original Mix) [Tensal]
10. Andrei Morant- Mesa 1 (Original Mix) [Torque]
11. Re:Axis- Mad Science (Original Mix) [Monocline Records]
12. Mattias Fridell- Procurators II (Original Mix) [Gynoid]
13. Klienfield- ALT (Original Mix) [AYCB]
14. Dubaptism- D#1.1 (Nikola Gala Remix) [Dubaptism]
15. Keith Carnal- Objective (Joel Mull Stripped remix) [Affin]
16. Lewis Fautzi- Bound (Christian Wunsch remix) [Tsunami Records]
17. Callum Plant – Synonym (Re:Axis Remix) [Ill Bomb Records]
18. A. Mochi- Hammer (Original Mix) [Sleaze Records]
19. Petter B- Clean Dubbed Tool (Original Mix) [BOND}
20. Mike Dehnert – Hain (Original Mix) [Fachwerk Digital]
21. Florian Meindl- Forget The World (Original Mix) [FLASH]
22. Myk Derill- Crossword (Original Mix) [Gynoid Audio]
23. Maxim Dangles- Face Reality (Slam Remix) [Skryptom Records]
24. Marco Faraone- Etna (Truncate Back to Basic Remix) [On Edge Society]
25. Michael Schwarz- Batshit Insane (Original Mix) [Driving Forces]
26. David Temessi- Run Me (Original Mix) [DSR Digital]
27. Mike Rud and Bekkar- Red Line (MicRoCheep & Mollo Remix) [Darknet]
28. Slam – Cirklon Bells (Edit Select Remix) [Soma Records]

Originally aired on FNOOB Techno Radio 5/23/2015

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