2000x2000-OWEN-SANDS-COMPARATOR-For Ill Bomb’s 25th release, veteran producer and label co-founder Owen Sands has once again emerged from his secret laboratory with something truly special on the “Comparator” EP. Hot off the much-lauded “Floor Weapon” release on De-Konstrukt, Sands brings two originals which showcase his astounding mastery of modular synthesis in combination with undulating machine-driven rhythmic work guaranteed to give your floor a workout.

The titular track “Comparator” revolves around a growling analogue synth which subtly shifts from raw, pulsating power to percussive grooves and back throughout the composition. Supported by jacking Chicago-influenced 909 patterns and tension-increasing stabs, Owen displays a masterwork of techno that brilliantly references the genre’s past while pointing the way forward to its future. The next original in this excellent package, “Cosmic Drift”, brings a deeper and funkier approach as a building, resonant modular arpeggio continuously expands upon itself throughout the tune. Driving hi-hats and bouncy low-end contribute to a cleverly-devised dichotomy of a track which would fit perfectly in the onset of your night as well as its apex.

Returning to the label after his smash remix of Virulent’s “Root One”, Texas titan and Scope Recordings head honcho Andrei Morant provides an excellent rework of Comparator which simultaneously strips down the original synth line yet increases the intensity to frenetic levels, all the while providing a classic techno assault on the senses with clever reverse edits and whiplash-inducing drum sequences. Regardless of which one is your favorite, all 3 tracks are guaranteed to find their way into your short list of peak-time thrillers.

Here’s to 25 more.

01. Comparator (Original Mix)
02. Comparator (Andrei Morant Remix)
03. Cosmic Drift (Original Mix)


Support from: Bill Kraemer, Billy Johnston, Blank Code, Craig Sopo (Techno Bro), Danny Tenaglia, David Flores (Audio Injection), Demian George, DJ Nova (Miami), DJ Shiva, Garett Dillon, Justin Schumacher, Kenneth Hope aka Seraphim, Lance Blaise, Lil Saint Dee, Mike Wall, Monktec, Nigel Richards, Ovi Milos, RePete, Chamomile, Stryke, Uun, Virulent, Matias Jofre, Will Azada & Justin Kase.