We’ve turned 3 years old! Happy Birthday to us! 😉

Here are some hand selected tracks from our last 3 years from Artists like Audio Injection, Ovi M, Billy Johnston, Gennaro Mastrantonio, Virulent, Justin Schumacher and others. Plus two new originals from founders Owen Sands and Justin Kase.

Release date Jan. 7th, 2014


01. Justin Schumacher – Gate(Audio Injection Remix)
02. Owen Sands – Comparator (Andrei Morant Remix)
03. Owen Sands – The Source (Billy Johnston & Gennaro Mastrantonio Remix)
04. Ovi M – Emeris (Original Mix)
05. Owen Sands – Slip Hold (Original Mix)
06. Virulent – Root Three (Justin Kase Remix)
07. Owen Sands – Tunneler (Justin Schumacher Remix)
08. Owen Sands – Bug On Out (Original Mix)
09. Chamomile – Ambassador Spock (Owen Sands Remix)
10. Virulent – Root Two (Original Mix)
11. Ovi M – Emeris (Virulent Remix)
12. Justin Kase – Marching Track (Original Mix)
13. Owen Sands – Purple Noise (Original Mix)
14. Craft – The Bitch I Love (Duckhunter Remix)