2000x2000-VIRULENT-ROOTfinalEvery form of life has its roots, whether it is organic, synthetic, or a fusion of the two. This guiding principle is the concept behind the Rooted EP, a series of productions by North Carolina techno producer Kevin Farabaugh aka Virulent. The focus lies in stripping down the music to the essentials on 3 distinct yet related tracks that pay homage to the producer’s core influences.

The first in the series, “Root One” is a meditation on the chaos of organic life, with randomly-generated analogue-modeled sounds providing the driving focus for this warehouse-style stormer. Dark chords weaved into the framework of the track provide echoes of classic London-based techno as the piece deconstructs and reconstructs itself over time. ‘Root Two’ meanwhile, ruminates on the synthetic with its robotic rhythms, mechanized hi-hats and grinding atmospherics, recalling early industrial music from the shadier corners of Berlin. A growling, tortured synth provides the focus of the piece, shifting uneasily and unexpectedly to higher registers before plunging the track back into darkness. The final piece of the puzzle comes in the form of ‘Root Three,’ serving as a means of bridging the synthetic and organic together. This driving funk-driven piece feeds off the energy of the producer’s point of origin in Chicago, bringing classic drum machine percussion, a groovy bassline and tweaked acidic synths together into an amalgamation of techno and house sounds.

Remixes come from American techno legend Andrei Morant , as well as label founders Owen Sands and Justin Kase. Andrei remixes Root One into a stomping, bleep-infused exercise of jacking techno that fits perfectly into the concept of the series with its stripped-down approach to the dancefloor. Owen once again ups the ante (and the BPM) of Root Two with alternately ominous and driving modular synthesis which pushes the original into even darker territory. Justin Kase gives Root Three a pounding, analog-laden rework that has a distinctly European flavor and irresistible groove.

Released by: Ill Bomb Records
Release date: May 21, 2013